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Event Overview

Monday 4 September
09:30 Plenary 1: E Hinds, Imperial College London (UK)
10:15 Refreshment Break
Quantum degenerate gases

OPD: Advanced imaging I

OPD: Optical fibre .....

Photonics in
the institute for materials reseach

ITP:........... AILU


12:00 Lunch
12:30 Tutorial: G Love, University of Durham (UK)
QEP: Quantum optics

OPD: Advanced imaging II

OPD: Optical fibre sensors: environmental applications


15:15 Refreshment Break
QEP: Coherent atom manipulation OPD: Advanced imaging III
OPD: Optical fibre systems



17:45 QEP Posters OPD Posters
Tuesday 5 September

Plenary 2: Colin Sheppard, National University of Singapore (Singapore)
09:45 Refreshment Break
QEP: Quantum information processing I

OPD: Photonics and imaging in biology and medicine I

OPD:Optical fibre sensors: in-fibre gratings

QEP: Laser spectroscopy
of molecular interactions

ITP ..............


12:00 Lunch

S Barnett, University of Strathclyde (UK)
H Barr, Cranfield Postgraduate Medical School (UK)
QEP: Quantum information processing II

OPD: Photonics and imaging in biology and medicine II

OPD: Optical instrumentation and diagnostic applications


15:15 Refreshment Break
QEP: Quantum dots

OPD: Photonics and imaging in biology and medicine III

OPD: Optical instrumentation and diagnostic techniques
17:45 QEP Posters OPD Posters
Wednesday 6 September
09:00 Plenary 3: John Pendry, Imperial College London (UK)
09:45 Refreshment Break
QEP: Microstrucrured photonic materials OPD: Optical environmental sensing I
OPD: Optical tweezers

OPD: FASIG 1 Shape and measurment ITP..........

12:00 Lunch
12:30 Post deadline session
QEP: Metamaterials
OPD: Optical environmental sensing II
OPD: Holographic... optical tweezers
OPD: FASIG 2 Speckle interferometry

15:15 Refreshment Break
QEP: Nanophotonics and Plasmonics

OPD: Optical techniques for material characterisation and processing

QEP: Advances in Laser Science

OPD: FASIG 3 New techniques and applications

17:45 QEP Posters OPD Posters
Thursday 7 September
09:00 Plenary 4: Phillip Russell, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (Germany)
09:45 Refreshment Break

QEP: Nonlinear optics I

Semiconductor optoelectronics I

OPD:Optical vortices

OPD: Structured
optical materials

12:00 Lunch
QEP: Nonlinear optics II QEP: Semiconductor dynamics

OPD: Diffractive optics

OPD: EUV & x-ray

14:30 Close

Instructions for Presenters

Oral presentations
Each lecture theatre will be equipped as standard with the following audio-visual equipment:

  • OHP
  • Data Projector
  • PC / Laptop with PowerPoint facilities (Office XP and Windows XP)
  • Laser Pointer*

Speakers wishing to use additional audio-visual equipment or intending to present from a Macintosh computer are asked to contact Claire Garland ( prior to the conference.

Speakers are asked to introduce themselves to the chairperson at least 10 minutes before the start of the session.

Speakers intending to use PowerPoint or similar are requested to bring their presentation on CD or USB memory stick and preload them on PC located in the lecture theatre. Speakers should save their presentation into the appropriate prenamed session folders pre-set on the desktop and files should be saved by speakers surname and inital. To optimise compatibility, particularly the for the inclusion of multimedia components, PowerPoint presentations should have been saved using PowerPoints "Package for CD" facility. Direct connection of personal laptops (with set up in the break prior to the corresponding session) is an acceptable but not preferred alternative.

Some of the lecture theatres are large, and speakers should use a minimum 15-point font size in PowerPoint slides to ensure legibility.

Speakers intending to use overhead transparencies should ensure that the slide is legible if held at arms length.

The arrangements for computer based presentations are firm, but speakers are reminded that it is always prudent to have a back up of their slides on overheads.

Duration of talks

Plenary lectures 45 minutes (40 + 5 minutes for questions)
Invited lectures 30 minutes (25 + 5 minutes for questions)
Contributed lectures 15 minutes (12 + 3 minutes for questions)

Presenters are asked to prepare their talks to match the allocated times which will be rigidly enforced by session chairs. Digital clocks will be available in each lecture theatre.

Poster Presentations
Posters will be on display during three poster sessions. Each poster board measures 2.1m high x 1.2m wide (portrait) and are Velcro compatible; posters must fit within these dimensions. Velcro will be provided. Each poster has a unique poster number, a plan will be provided to assist poster presenters locate their board.

Poster Session 1 (P1)
From 08:30 - 18:45 on Monday 4 September

Poster Session 2 (P2)
From 08:30 - 18:45 on Tuesday 5 September

Poster Session 3 (P3)
From 08:30 - 18:15 on Wednesday 6 September

All posters will be displayed in the exhibition area of the Renold Building.

Each presenter is responsible for ensuring that their poster is displayed in the correct session on the board allocated, as specified in the conference programme.

Presenters should ensure that their poster is displayed by 09:00 on the day of their session, and is taken down before 19:00. Although organisers will Endeavour to save poster material, no guarantee can be made for posters not removed at the correct times.

* Note only red laser pointers may be used.

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Photon 06 is supported by the Department of Trade & Industry (DTI), the EPSRC, as well as all the key UK organisations of the UK Consortium for Photonics and Optics (UKCPO).

4-7 September 2006, University of Manchester

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