QEP: Semiconductor optoelectronics
Chair: M Fox, University of Sheffield (UK)




INVITED: Tailoring the extreme band structure of dilute nitride alloys for optoelectronics device applications

E P O’Reilly

Tyndall National Institute (Republic of Ireland)



Material challenges for the development of long wavelength GaInNAs/GaAs quantum well lasers

D G McConville, S J Sweeney, A R Adams, R Riechert1, H Riechert1

University of Surrey (UK)

1 Infineon Technologies Corporation (Germany)



1.3mm emitting self assembled quantum dot lasers

P M Smowton, I Sandall, C Walker, J D Thomson, A Sobiesierski, T J Badcock1, D J Mowbray1, H Liu1, M Hopkinson1

Cardiff University (United Kingdom)

1 University of Sheffield (United Kingdom)



The temperature dependence of the peak gain in p-doped and intrinsic 1.3 mm InAs/GaAs quantum-dot lasers

N F Massé, I P Marko, S J Sweeney, A D Andreev, A R Adams, N Hatori1, M Sugawara1

University of Surrey (UK)

1 Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd (Japan)



High performance 2.2mm optically pumped vertical external cavity surface emitting laser

J Hopkins, A Maclean, D Burns, J Ng1, M Steer2, M Hopkinson1, S Calvez, H Sun

University of Strathclyde (UK)

1 University of Sheffield (UK)

2 EPSRC National Centre for III-V Technologies (UK)



A study of the afterpulsing phenomenon in InGaAs/InP single-photon avalanche diodes

S Pellegrini, R E Warburton, L J J Tan1, J S Ng1, A Krysa1, K Groom1, J P R David1, S Cova2, G S Buller

Heriot-Watt University (UK)

1 University of Sheffield (UK)

2 Politecnico di Milano(Italy)