QEP: Quantum Information Processing I

Chair: M Kim, Queens University Belfast (UK)




INVITED: Technologies for Optical Quantum Logic

J Rarity

University of Bristol (UK)



A microengineered ion trap array for distributed quantum computing

P J Dugdale, B Brkic, S Taylor, C Sutcliffe, P R Chalker, J F Ralph

University of Liverpool (UK)



Cloning and Joint Measurements of Incompatible Components of Spin

T Brougham, E Andersson, S Barnett

University of Strathclyde (UK)



Coherent Optical Control of Spin Dynamics in Semiconductor Quantum Dots

G Slavcheva, O Hess

University of Surrey (UK)



Scalable Ion Trap Arrays for QIP

M Brownnutt, G Wilpers, P Gill, R C Thompson, A G Sinclair

National Physical Laboratory (UK)



Finding the general form of master equations

E Andersson, J D Cresser1, M J W Hall2

University of Strathclyde (United Kingdom)

1 Macquarie University (Australia)

2 Australian National University (Australia)