QEP: Quantum dots

Chair: P Smowton, Cardiff University (UK)




INVITED: Optically probing charge and spin excitations in quantum dots and molecules

J J Finley, Technical University of Munich (Germany)



Single Quantum Dots in Semiconductor Microcavity Pillars

as Single Photon Sources

K J Gordon, J A Timpson1, S Pellegrini, R E Warburton, D Sanvitto1, A Daraei1, P S S Guimaraes1, S Lam1, D M Whittaker1, M S Skolnick1, A M Fox1, C Hu2, Y-L D Ho2, R Gibson2, J G Rarity2, A Tahraoui1, M Hopkinson1, P W Fry1, G S Buller

Heriot-Watt University (UK)

1 University of Sheffield (UK)

2 University of Bristol (UK)



Photon antibunching from a single charge tunable semiconductor quantum dot

P A Dalgarno, R Lambert, B Gerardot, R E Warburton, P Petrofff1

Heriot-Watt University (UK)

University of California (USA)



Coherent dynamics of single quantum dot exciton qubit driven by detuned optical pulses with electrical readout

R S Kolodka, A J Ramsay, F Bello, P W Fry, W K Ng, A Tahraoui, H Y Liu, M Hopkinson, D M Whittaker, A M Fox, M S Skolnick

University of Sheffield (UK)



Control of hole tunneling in charge tunable quantum dots

J McFarlane, P Dalgarno, B Gerardot, R Warburton, K Karrai1, P Petroff2

Heriot-Watt University (UK)

1 Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitšt (Germany)

2 University of California (USA)



Spontaneous emission properties of quantum dots deposited on layer-by-layer grown polyelectrolyte films

K Vamsi, Y Rakovich, A Bradley, J Donegan, S Byrne, Y Gun'ko

Trinity College Dublin (Republic of Ireland)