QEP Poster Session 3



A comparison of air-core fibers for optical pulse shaping

M Mohebbi

K. N. Toosi University of Technology (Iran)



Gyroelectric cubic-quintic dissipative solitons

A D Boardman, L Velasco

University of Salford (UK)



Damped harmonic oscillator model for chaos pass filtering in optical chaos communications using injection-locked semiconductor lasers

A Murakami, K A Shore

University of Wales,Bangor (UK)



Dynamic structural equilibrium in self-assembled nanoparticles at the fiber tip: probing with second harmonic generation

B F Soares, F Jonsson, K MacDonald, A Denisyuk, N Zheludev

University of Southampton (UK)



Transverse Spatial Structures and OPCPA

C Tsangaris, P Kinsler, G H New

Imperial College London (UK)



Criteria for Optical Carrier Shocking in the presence of dispersion

S Radnor

Imperial College London (UK)



Fluorescence up-conversion and lasing in semiconducting polymers

G Tsiminis, G A Turnbull, I D Samuel

University of St. Andrews (UK)



Collective Scattering of Light Due to Recoil in a Room Temperature Gas

G R Robb, P Barker1

University of Strathclyde (UK)

1 Heriot-Watt University (UK)



Optical Frequency Measurements Using Femtosecond Combs

B Walton, K Hosaka, S N Lea, H S Margolis, P Gill

National Physical Laboratory (UK)



Nonlinear optical characterisation of indium phosphide

T Sloanes, K J McEwan, P Milsom




Powerful light pulse backscattering in bulk Kerr dielectrics

O Khasanov, T Smirnova, O Fedotova, A Sukhorukov1

Institute of Solid State and Semiconductor Physics NASB (Belarus)

1 Moscow State University (Russia)



Radiation enhancement and radiation suppression by a left-handed metamaterial

A Boardman, K Marinov

University of Salford (UK)



Energy dependence of luminescence photon circular polarization: Measurement of strain in III-V semiconductors

W Wang, K Allaart, D Lenstra

Vrije University Amsterdam (The Netherlands)



Identification of the optimum modulation frequency for FM seeded frequency-shifted feedback laser ranging

A Shore, D Kane1

University of Wales,Bangor (UK)

1 Macquarie University (Australia)



Implant processing of InGaAs/GaAs quantum dots for potential monolithic photonic integration

S Ahmed, P Too1, J Lin2

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (Pakistan)

1 Plastic Logic (UK)

2 Eindhoven University (The Netherlands)



Low Temperature Properties of InSb/AlInSb Quantum Well Light Emitting Diodes

B Mirza, G R Nash1, S Smith, M K Haigh1, L Buckle, M Emeny, T Ashley

University of Bristol (UK)

1  QinetiQ (UK)



Demonstration of Enabling Technologies for the Monolithic Integration of Semiconductor Lasers and Waveguide Optical Isolators

B Holmes, D Hutchings

University of Glasgow (UK)



n-doped Si/SiGe quantum cascade structures for far-infrared emission

Z Ikonic, I Lazic, V Milanovic, R W Kelsall1, D Indjin1, P Harrison1

University of Belgrade (Serbia)

1 University of Leeds (UK)



Controlled splitting of resonant modes in spherical microcavities confined in an optical tweezers

M Gerlach, Y Rakovich, J Donegan, N Gaponik1, A Rogach2

Trinity Collge Dublin (Republic of Ireland)

1 TU Dresden (Germany)

2 Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet Muenchen (Germany)



Two-colour operation of a femtosecond optical parametric oscillator

B J Gale, J Sun, D T Reid

Heriot Watt University (UK)


Hybrid Photonic Crystal Thin Films based on Colloidal Particle Assemblies Modified using Chemical Vapour Deposition and Atomic Layer Deposition

I Povey, J Costello, F Chalvet, D Whitehead, M Bardosova, K Thomas, M Pemble, H M Yates1

Tyndall National Institute (Republic of Ireland)

1 University of Salford (UK)



Extraordinary transmission through planar quasicrystal

J Garcia de Abajo, V Fedotov1, N Papasimakis1, A Schwanecke1, Y Chen2, N Zheludev1

Centro Mixto CSIC-UPV/EHU (Spain)

1 University of Southampton (UK)

2 Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (UK)



Bend loss in bandgap-guiding photonic crystal fibre

G J Pearce, J Stone, F Luan, T A Birks, J Knight, D M Bird

University of Bath (UK)



Stibnite Inverse Opal

A Khokhar, R DeLaRue, N P Johnson

University of Glasgow (UK)



Light Pipes in Contact Giving a Novel Organic Optical Source

A Vasdekis, G Town, G A Turnbull1, I D Samuel1

Macquarie University (Australia)

1 University of St Andrews (UK)



Multicore Microstructured Fibres for High Channel Density Optical Interconnects

C R Bennett, D M Taylor, T J Shepherd, L Michaille

QinetiQ (UK)



Liquid micro-optics

G A Turnbull, C McDougall, J Stewart, M Buck

University of St Andrews (UK)



Embedded metal mask enhanced evanescent near field optical lithography (ENFOL)

B Sefa-Ntiri, P D Prewett

University of Birmingham (UK)



Ultrasmall Photonic Crystal Coupler For Wave Division Multiplexing Networks

R Chatta, C Ben Neila1, M Zghal1

Institut Supérieur des Etudes Technologiques en Communications (Iset’Com) (Tunisia)

1 Ecole Supérieure des Communications de Tunis (Sup’Com) (Tunisia)



Bulk p-i-n GaInNAs photodiodes lattice-matched to GaAs

W M Soong, J S Ng, M J Steer, M Hopkinson, J P R David, J Chamings1, S Sweeney1, A R Adams1

University of Sheffield (UK)

1University of Surrey (UK)



High power optically In-well pumped 850nm VECSEL

W Zhang, T Ackemann, S McGinily1, M Schmid, E Riis, A Ferguson
of Strathclyde (UK)
1 Denfotex Light Systems Ltd (



Time-and spectrally-resolved four-wave mixing from single CdTe quantum dots

W Langbein, B Patton, U Woggon1, L Maingault2, H Mariette2

Cardiff University (UK)

1 Universität Dortmund (Germany)

2 Universite J. Fourier (France)