QEP: Photonics in the Institute for Materials Research

Chair: G S McDonald, Salford University (UK)





INVITED: Tailoring the Photonic Band-gap by Chemical Vapour Deposition of III-V semiconductors

H M Yates, J Zhang, T Shen, D E Whitehead1, M E Pemble1

University of Salford (United Kingdom)

1 Tyndall National Institute (Republic of Ireland)



INVITED: Photonics Theory: Solitons, Fractals and Atto-second Pulses

G S McDonald, J M Christian, J G Huang, S C Benbow, P Chamorro-Posada,

J Sanchez-Curto

Salford University (United Kingdom)



INVITED: Novel optical fibre devices projections and prospects

R J Potton, S Yasir

University of Salford (United Kingdom)



INVITED: Optical Diagnostics of Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Vapour Deposition by NIR Diode Laser Spectroscopy

P Martin, R Holdsworth1, V Kasiutsich, M Davis2, D Sheel2

University of Manchester (United Kingdom)

1 TDL Sensors Ltd (United Kingdom)

2 University of Salford (United Kingdom)



INVITED: Comparative study of laser induced breakdown spectroscopy and secondary ion mass spectrometry applied to DC magnetron sputtered as-grown copper indium diselenide (CIS)

R D Pilkington, J Hisek, N Lucas, A E Hill, J S Cowpe, J S Astin

University of Salford (United Kingdom)