OPD: Photonics and imaging in biology and medicine III

Chair: R Dewhurst, University of Manchester (UK)




Two-photon ablation with 1278 nm laser radiation

P Fischer, A McWilliam, L Paterson, C Brown, W Sibbett, K Dholakia, M P Macdonald

University of St Andrews (UK)




Investigation of laser interaction with porcine dermal collagen sheet using various cw and pulsed lasers

Y Tsang, M R Dickinson, T A King

The University of Manchester (UK)




Diffraction bar-codes as high capacity optical microtags for chemical and biological applications

S Birtwell, G Galitonov, A Whitton, H Morgan, N Zheludev

University of Southampton (UK)




Polarization Absorbance in Vertebrate Photoreceptor Cells: Using Laser Tweezers in Physiological Optical Measurements

N W Roberts, M R Dickinson, H F Gleeson

University of Manchester (UK)



Transient photoacoustic signal decay in bio-tissue irradiated in vitro by Nd:YAG laser pulses

G Gondek, T Li, R Lynch1, R Dewhurst

The University of Manchester (UK)

1 Unilever Research and Development Port Sunlight (UK)




In Vitro and In Vivo Studies of Bio-responsive Polymers

X Dai, M E Eccleston, K Yunus, A Fisher, N K H Slater, C F Kaminski,

University of Cambridge (UK)