OPD: Optical tweezers
Chair: J Laczik, University of Oxford (UK)




INVITED: Optical micromanipulation takes hold
K Dholaki
University of St Andrews (UK)




Optical Tweezers for Nanomechanical Manipulation and Characterization of Biological Cells

K Liu

Keele University (UK)




Manipulation of growth patterns in filamentous fungus using optical tweezers

D Burnham, D McGloin, G Wright1, N Read1

University of St. Andrews (UK)

1 University of Edinburgh (UK)




Optical Tweezers Controlled Micro-Structured Probes for

Nanometre Scale 3D Imaging and PicoNewton Force Microscopy

M Towrie, S Botchway, W Fischer2, R Halsall, D Jenkins, I Loader, P Matousek, P O'Neill2, A Parker, M Pollard, R Stevens, R Turchetta, A Ward7

CCLRC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (UK)

1 University of Oxford (UK)

2 MRC Harwell (UK)




Optically bound particle arrays in an evanescent field

C Bain, C D Mellor1, T Fennerty

Durham University (UK)

1  National Institute for Medical Research (UK)




Size resolution with Light Induced Dielectrophoresis (LIDEP)

S Neale, M Macdonald, M Mazilu, K Dholakia, T Krauss

University of St Andrews (UK)



An optical trapped nanohand for manipulating micron-sized particles

G M Gibson, L Baron, F Beck, G B Whyte, M J Padgett
of Glasgow (UK)