Optical fibre systems
Chair: A Augousti, Kingston University (UK)




An Investigation into the feasibility of adapting an integrating sphere for use as a gas absorption cell

E Hawe, E Lewis, C Fitzpatrick, P Chambers
of Limerick (Republic of Ireland)




Variational approach to dispersion-managed soliton transmission systems

M Ferreira, M Sousa

University of Aveiro (Portugal)




Bit error rate improvement by nonlinear optical decision element

I Nasieva, S Boscolo, S K Turitsyn

Aston University (UK)




Heavily Er doped silica fibre-based single frequency fibre laser for high resolution sensing application

Y Shen, Y Qiu, B Wu, W Zhao1, S Chen1, T Sun1, K T V Grattan1

Zhejiang University (PR China)

1 City University (UK)




Characterizations of photonic crystal fibres by using finite element-based full-vectorial numerical methods

B Rahman, A Kabir, K Namassivayane, M Rajarajan, K T V Grattan

City University (UK)



Analysis of optical damage mechanisms in hollow core waveguides delivering nanosecond pulses from a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser

J Parry, T Stephens, J Shephard, J D Jones, D P Hand
Heriot-Watt University