OPD: Optical environmental sensing
Chair: P Hodgson, Corus Group (UK)





INVITED: Lidar remote sensing of the atmosphere

G Vaughan
of Manchester (UK)




Lidar monitoring of Aircraft Emissions for Environmental Air Quality

S Christie, M Bennett, A Graham1

University of Manchester (UK)

1 Manchester Metropolitan University (UK)



Autonomous Doppler Lidar System for Atmospheric Boundary Layer Monitoring

K Bozier, F Davies, C Collier
of Salford (UK)



An airborne intra-pulse quantum cascade laser spectrometer for trace molecule detection

G Duxbury, N Langford, S Wright
of Strathclyde (UK)



Bio-aerosol detection using intrinsic fluorescence and elastic light scattering analysis

W R Stanley, P H Kaye, V E Foot1, K L Baxter1, S J Barrington1

University of Hertfordshire (UK)

1 Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (UK)



Silica based air-corephotonic crystal fibres for mid-IR gas sensing applications

J Shephard, N Gayraud, W MacPherson, R Maier, J Jones, D Hand, J Stone1, A George1, J Knight1, M Mohebbi2
Heriot-Watt University (UK)
1 University of Bath (UK)
2 K. N. Toosi University of Technology (Iran)



An Improved Algorithm for Locating a Gas Source Using Inverse Methods

L Thomson, B Hirst1, G Gibson, S Gillespie2, K Skeldon, M Padgett
University of Glasgow (UK)
1 Shell Glabal Solutions International BV (The Netherlands)
2 Shell Global Solutions (UK)