OPD: Poster Session 2




Optical Guiding of Aerosols

M Summers, D McGloin, J Reid1

University of St Andrews (UK)

1 University of Bristol (UK)



Inter-particle hydrodynamic couplings in optical tweezers

S Keen, J Leach, R Di Leonardo1, G M Gibson, M J Padgett

Glasgow University (UK)

1 Universita' di Roma (Italy)



Algorithms for Shaping 'Self-reconstructing' Light Beams

L Thomson, J K Courtial

University of Glasgow (UK)



Dual fibre optical trap for airborne particles

D Rudd, D McGloin

University of St Andrews (UK)



An optically driven pump for microfluids

H Mushfique, J M Cooper, J Leach, M Padgett, R di Leonardo1

University of Glasgow (UK)

1 INFM-CRS Soft (Italy)



Characterization of local defects on reflector surfaces of automobile headlights using optical profilometry

M Ohlídal, I Ohlídal1, F Vizda2

Brno University of Technology (Czech Republic)

1 Masaryk University (Czech Republic)

2 University of Defence (Czech Republic)



Thermal Stability of Intrinsic Stresses in Diamond-Like Carbon Films Studied Using Optical Methods

I Ohlidal, M Ohlidal1, D Franta, V Cudek1, V Bursikova

Masaryk University (Czech Republic)

1 Brno University of Technology (Czech Republic)



Ellipsometric Investigations of the SiO2 Refractive Index

and Thickness in the Neighbourhood of Gate in MOS structures

W Rzodkiewicz, L Borowicz

Institute of Electron Technology (Poland)



Image reconstruction for Chemical Species Tomography with an irregular and sparse beam array

J Davidson, C Garcia-Stewart, K Ozanyan, P Wright, S Pegrum1, H McCann

University of Manchester (UK)

1 Roush Technologies Ltd (UK)



Construction and characterization of a novel FT ramam spectrometer

K Chang, M Dickinson, T King
University of Manchester (



Photon counting laser altimeter for planetary exploration – the technology demonstrator

J Blazej, I Prochazka, K Hamal, M Fedyszyn, F Yang1, P Huang1, H Michaelis2, U Schreiber3

Czech Technical University (Czech Republic)

1 Shanghai Observatory (PR China)

2 DLR e.V. (Germany)

3 Forschungseinrichtung Satellitengeodäsie der TU-München (Germany)



EUV time-integrated and time-resolved spectroscopy of Nitrogen filled capillary discharge plasma

J Blazej, M Tamas, L Pina, A Jancarek, S Palinek, P Vrba1, M Vrbova

Czech Technical University (Czech Republic)

1Institute of Plasma Physics of Academy of Sciences (Czech Republic)



Comparison between Two- Site and Neural Network Models for signal processing in chemical sensor

R Al-Jowder, R Narayanaswamy

University of Manchester (UK)



Characterization studies of oxygen sensor based on porous silicon

P Rathinasamy, I Ferreira, E Fortunato, R Martins

New University of Lisbon (Portugal)



A high-speed Chemical Species Tomography system for application in a multi-cylinder automotive engine

P Wright, J Davidson, S Garcia-Castillo, S Pegrum1, S Colbourne1, T Litt2, S Litt2, K Ozanyan, H McCann

University of Manchester (UK)

1 Roush Technologies Ltd (UK)

2 AOS Technology Ltd (UK)



Flare removal in particle velocimetry through optimized fluorescent tracers

M Chennaoui, E McGhee, C E Towers, A C Jones, D P Towers

University of Edinburgh (UK)

1 University of Leeds (UK)



Optical characterization of PDMS applied for data communication

D Cai, A Neyer, R Kuckuk1, H M Heise1

Universität Dortmund (Germany)

1 ISAS-Institute for Analytical Sciences (Germany)