OPD: Poster Session 1




Rapid scanning of fluorescently labelled protein residues on surgical instruments

V Kovalev, P Richardson, R R Maier1, J Barton1, A Jones

University of Edinburgh (UK)

1 Heriot Watt University (UK)



Monte Carlo model for PS-OCT imaging in turbid birefringent media

D Churmakov, I Meglinski, M Bonesi, L Ritchie

Cranfield University (UK)



Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (FLIM) and Time-Resolved Fluorescence Anisotropy Imaging (TR-FAIM) of cells

C L Jones, N Sergent, K Suhling

Kings College London (UK)



Fluorescent lifetime microscopy of human dental tissue utilising a white light source based on photonic crystal fibre

G McConnell, J Girkin1, S Ameer-Beg2, P R Barber3, B Vojnovic4, T Ng2, A Banerjee5, T Watson5, R Cook5

Strathclyde Institute for Biomedical Sciences (UK)

1 University of Strathclyde (UK)

2 Richard Dimbleby Department Of Cancer Research (UK)

3 Gray Laboratory Cancer Research Trust (UK)

4 Gray Cancer Institute (UK)

5 King’s College Dental Institute London (UK)



Hyperspectral imaging (HSI) of the eye for early detection of retinal diseases

I ALAbboud, E Theofanidou, A R Harvey1

Heriot-Watt university (UK)

1 Heriot Watt University (UK)



Development of an optical technique (laser heating and thermal imaging) for the non-intrusive measurement of sap flow in trees

C Helfter, J Shephard1, J Martinez-Vilalta1, M Mencuccini1, D P Hand

Heriot-Watt University (UK)

1 University of Edinburgh (UK)



Form Birefringence in Biological Lamellar Cellular Structures

N W Roberts

University of Manchester (UK)



Extended depth of imaging in multi-photon laser scanning microscopy using passive pre-dispersion compensation

G McConnell

Strathclyde Institute for Biomedical Sciences (UK)



Development of non-invasive photoplethysmography to assess lower limb peripheral perfusion

S Hu, J Zheng, S Xin1, V Crabtree, P R Smith

Loughborough University (UK)

1 University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (PR China)



Snapshot Spectral imaging in the Visible and Infrared

A R Harvey, A Gorman, S Kudesia

Heriot Watt University (UK)



Rapidly-controlled wavelength flexible light source for fluorescence lifetime imaging

E Esposito, S Poland1, J Girkin1, G McConnell

Centre for Biophotonics (UK)

1 Institute of Photonics (UK)



Three-dimensional recognition of micro-organisms using a digital holographic microscope

N Wu, N A Halliwell, J M Coupland

Loughborough University (UK)



Investigation of enhanced temperature sensitivity of Long-Period Grating sensor using an ultra wide band source

T Venugopalan, T L Yeo, T Sun, K T V Grattan

City University (UK)



A Five-Sensor Multipoint Optical Fibre Ethanol Concentration Sensor System Based on Artificial Neural Network Pattern Recognition

D King, W Lyons, C Flanagan, E Lewis

University of Limerick (Republic of Ireland)



Vibration amplitude measurements with a single frame using structured-light-pattern of a four-core optical fibre

N Inci

Bogazici University (Turkey)



Fluorescence Spectral Characteristics in High Concentration Er-doped Fibres for Grating-based Fibre Sensor Systems

S Abi Kaed Beyh, T Sun, K Grattan

City University (UK)



Fibre optic hydrogen gas detection based on thin Palladium Films

K Gleeson, E Lewis

University of Limerick (Republic of Ireland)



Effect of carrier reshaping and narrow MUX-DEMUX filtering in 0.8 bit/s/Hz WDM RZ-DPSK transmission

R Bhamber, S K Turitsyn, V Mezentsev

Aston University (UK)



Hybrid Laser/EDM drilling improves fuel injection nozzle production method

C Diver, L Li1, J Atkinson1

Dephi Automotive Systems (Germany)

1 University of Manchester (UK)



Corrosion Studies of Laser-formed Metallic Alloy Sheets

Z Liu

The University of Manchester (UK)



Laser peen forming of thin sheet ferrous materials

K Edwards, G Dearden, K Watkins, S Edwardson

The University of Liverpool (UK)



Investigation into the influence of pulse shaping on drilling efficiency

P French, R Goff1, M Naeem2, P Scully, M Sharpe3, K Watkins4

Lairdside Laser Engineering Centre (UK)

1 The University of Manchester (UK)

2 GSI Lumonics (UK)

3 Lairdside Laser Engineering Centre (UK)

4 The University of Liverpool (UK)



Vortex pulsed beams in dielectrics with photo-induced ionisation

O Khasanov, T Smirnova, O Fedotova, A Sukhorukov1

Institute of Solid State and Semiconductor Physics NASB (Belarus)

1 Moscow State University (Russia)



Nonlinear pulse propagation and switching characteristics in Chalcogenide-fibre Bragg Gratings

Yosia, S Ping1

Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)

Institute for Infocomm Research (Singapore)



Anomalous behavior of a hollow Gaussian beam

S Anand, M N Kamalasanan

National Physical Laboratory (India)