QEP: Nanophotonics and plasmonics

Chair: N Zheludev, University of Southampton (UK)





INVITED: Surface plasmon waveguides and resonators

J R Krenn

Karl-Franzens University (Austria)



Long-range surface plasmon polariton propagation in photonic crystals: The role of out-of-plane scattering

A Boltasseva, T Søndergaard1, S Bozhevolnyi1

COM•DTU (Denmark)

1 Department of Physics and Nanotechnology (Denmark)



Optical Spectroscopy of Assemblies of Interacting Metallic Nanowires: A Route to Designing Non-Linear Optical Devices.

W Dickson, W Hendren, P Evans, G Wurtz, R J Pollard, R Atkinson, A V Zayats

Queen's University of Belfast (United Kingdom)



A nanoparticle as a bit of optical memory

B F Soares, M Bashevoy, K MacDonald, F Jonsson, N Zheludev

University of Southampton (United Kingdom)



INVITED: Nanoscale Circuit Elements and Circuit Theory in Optics: Concepts and Potentials

N Engheta

University of Pennsylvania (USA)