QEP: Laser Spectroscopy of Molecular Interactions

Chair: K Muller-Dethlefs, University of Manchester (UK)






INVITED: Non-covalent Interactions  in Molecular Clusters

K Muller-Dethlefs

The University of Manchester, The Photon Science Institute (UK)




The weak hydrogen bond in the fluorobenzene-ammonia van der Waals complex: insights into the effects of electron withdrawing substituents and ionisation on pi vs in-plane bonding

M Cockett, N Tonge, I Pugliesi, E MacMahon

University of York (UK)




Shape Matters! Spectroscopy as a probe of 3D structure

L Snoek

University of Oxford (UK)




Molecular alignment effects on rapid passage signals of nitrous oxide

G Duxbury, N J Langford, S Wright, T McCulloch

University of Strathclyde (UK)




The Measurement of Molecular Interactions in Real Time

M Swan, N Freeman

Farfield Sensors Ltd (UK)



Competition for the cationic core in NO-X complexes betwen the rydberg electron and ligand
T Wright, D Bergeron, V Ayles, A Musgrave
University of
Nottingham (UK)