FASIG2: Speckle interferometry

Chair: M Lalor, Liverpool John Moores University (UK)




Temporal Phase Measurement Methods in Speckle Interferometry for Art Conservation

R M Groves, G Pedrini, E Kouluompi1, S Hackney2, T Green2, V Tornari3, W Osten
Universitšt Stuttgart (Germany)
1 National Gallery Ė Alexandros Soutzos Museum (Greece)
2 Tate (UK)
3 Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas (FORTH)




High-speed, Sub-Nyquist Speckle Pattern Interferometry

using Two Binary Diffraction Gratings

T Wu, S A Earl, J D Jones, A J Moore

Heriot Watt University (UK)




Desensitising a polarisation based speckle interferometer for the polarisation direction of incoming scattered light

P Somers, N Bhattacharya

Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands)




Comparison of Multiple Viewing Direction Shearography with Multiple Illumination Direction Shearography

D Francis, S James, R P Tatam

Cranfield University (UK)




Single-shot depth-resolved displacement field measurement using phase-contrast polychromatic speckle interferometry

P D Ruiz, M de la Torre-Ibarra1, J Huntley

Loughborough University (UK)

1 Centro de Investigaciones en ”ptica (Mexico)



Application of digital speckle radiography to measure the internal displacement fields of a shock loaded material

D Williamson, D Chapman, W Proud, P Church1
University of
Cambridge (UK)
1 QinetiQ (