Euv & x-ray optics
Chair: K Powell, Kings College London (UK)





INVITED: Title to be confirmed

P Doyle

University College London (UK)




Soft X-ray and EUV Polarimetery using Numerically Optimised Broadband Multilayer Optical Elements

A G Michette, A K Powell, S J Pfauntsch, M MacDonald, Z Wang1, H Wang1, J Zhu1, F Wang1, Z Gu1, L Chen1, F Schafers2

Daresbury Laboratory (UK)

1 Tongji University (PR China)

2 BESSY GmbH (Germany)




Wavelength control of soft x-ray by ionization effects on high harmonic generation in a capillary

A de Paula, M Praeger, S Stebbings, J Baumberg, C A Froud, E T Rogers, B Mills, D C Hanna, W S Brocklesby, J G Frey

University of Southampton (UK)




The Dependence of Soft X-Ray Generation on the Nature of the Gas in a Gas Filled Capillary

S Stebbings, M Praeger, A de Paula, J Baumberg, C Froud, E Rogers, B Mills, D Hanna, W Brocklesby, J Frey

University of Southampton (UK)




Study of asymmetry for mirror imaging system in Extreme Ultraviolet lithography

A Nugrowati, S Pereira, J Braat

Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands)



Modulated x-ray tube using velocity modulation

M Sanduk
Nahrain University (Iraq)