OPD: Diffractive optics
Chair: G Love, University of Durham, UK





Recent advances in the design and fabrication of diffractive and micro-optical elements

M R Taghizadeh, A J Waddie
Heriot Watt University




Dynamic holographic wave-front references for interferometric optical testing

M Neil, E Atad-Ettedgui1, G D Love2, B Boruah, D Henry3

Imperial College London (UK)

1 Royal Observatory (UK)

2 University of Durham (UK)

3 UK Astronomy Technology Centre (UK)




Phase and Amplitude Errors in Digital Holograms

A Georgiou, W A Crossland

Cambridge University (UK)




Achromatic white light Bessel beams formed using a spatial light modulator

A Wright, J Leach1, E Esposito2, G M Gibson1, G McConnell2, M J Padgett1, J Girkin

University of Strathclyde (UK)

1 University of Glasgow (UK)

2 Strathclyde Institute for Biomedical Science (UK)

3 University of Glasgow (UK)




Conical Diffraction

M Berry, M Jeffrey

University of Bristol (UK)