OPD: Advanced Imaging I
Chair: M Neil, Imperial College London (UK)





INVITED: Making light work harder: new developments in 3-D microscopy
R Juskaitis

University of Oxford (UK)


Limits and possibilities in sub-wavelength imaging using negative refraction

M Mazilu, K Dholakia

University of St. Andrews (UK)



High-Resolution, Three-Dimensional Solid-Immersion Imaging of a Silicon lip-Chip Using the Optical-Beam Induced Current Method

K Serrels, E Ramsay, D T Reid

Heriot-Watt University (UK)



Principles and performance comparison of various phase masks for the alleviation of optical aberration

G Muyo, A R Harvey

Heriot Watt University (UK)



Sinogram Recovery for Limited-View Hard-Field Tomography

E Constantino, K B Ozanyan

The University of Manchester (UK)