OPD: Advanced Imaging III
Chair: A Harvey, Heriot-Watt University (UK)




When looking through a rotating window is the transmitted image rotated?

M J Padgett, L Allen, J Leach, G B Whyte, J Girkin1, A Wright1, P Öhberg1  S Barnett1  
University of
Glasgow (UK)
University of Strathclyde (UK)


Geometrical volume imaging in laser resonators and 3D fractal laser modes

J Nelson, J K Courtial
University of Glasgow (UK)



Training modules for an advanced interactive course on optical design

B Blandford, L Chen, A Fairhurst



A comparison of CIE L*a*b* and spectral methods for the analysis of sliced hamfading

C Sheridan, M O'Farrell, E Lewis, C Flanagan, J Kerry1, N Jackman1
University of Limerick (Republic of Ireland)
1 Echo Food Solutions International Ltd (Republic of Ireland)



Effects of Laser Parameters on Laser Ignition of an Internal Combustion Engine

J Mullett, R Dodd, G Triantos, G Dearden, T Shenton, K Watkins, S Carroll1, A Scarisbrick1, S Keen2

The University of Liverpool (UK)

1 Ford Motor Company (UK)

2 GSI Group Inc. (UK)




Structured Illumination Microscopy Using Light Emitting Diodes

V Poher, G T Kennedy, D Elson, P M French, M Neil, H Zhang1 E Gu1, Z Gong1, C Griffin1, J Girkin1, M D Dawson1
Imperial College London (UK)
University of Strathclyde (UK)